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How Valuable Are Your Business Cards?

Here are some great tips on making your business card invaluable:

1. Read the News! When someone you don't know gets a promotion, why not send them a greeting card congratulating them and be sure to include your business card.

2. Follow Ups. So you've met a possible client for a meeting. Don't wait weeks to follow up. Send a card thanking them for their time and be sure to include your business card. You never know if they lost yours and haven't been able to contact you or they just might pass your card along to someone who might use your service.

3. Business cards are like candy. Give your business card out to anyone and everyone who will take one, including family and your friends. You should carry at least 25 cards on you at all times.

4. Give and receive graciously. When you give a business card be sure to always ask for one in return. Look over all business cards you receive in person to make the person feel important. The more important they feel, the more apt they are to remember you.

5. Is Your Company Hiring? Instead, of taking this verbal approach, why not find out if your business card can be passed along to the HR department or given to somebody in that company for a referral. Most people are more than happy to pass along your information if you ask nicely.

6. Seize the moment. Mainly because you never know when you'll meet someone who wants your services. Don't discount those boring events filled with family and friends. They have jobs and know people who might need you.

7. Volunteer! Job fairs and conferences aren't always where you get clients. Especially if everyone there is trying to do the same thing with the same type of work. So make yourself more valuable by volunteering for an event or to work at a place where you help others. These are great places to pass out your business cards and gain automatic trust.

8. Don't be afraid to be different. Forget calendars, mortgage interest and tip calculators. When you get your business card designed, why not try something that hasn't been done in your field? Just don't go overboard; you just want your card to be memorable, not tacky. Some great ideas are: talk to your local coffee shop and see if you can print a coupon for .50¢ off a cup of coffee. The coffee shop just signs off on the business card and invoices you monthly. It brings them business and makes people keep your cards. Be creative!

9. Advertise when you pay your bills. When you receive an invoice from a company they sometimes come with ads in them, so why not reciprocate. Put a business card in every bill you've just paid and are mailing out. Not all companies use people to open bills so this is a hit and miss. But you just never know.

10. Last but not least. If you don't have business cards, you can't pass them out. So be sure that business cards are as important as your wallet and everything else you need to remember as you head out the door for your day.

Article By Christina Wilkinson

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